So one morning early, we had no childen that weekend which was a rarity, we decided to get up really early and take the dogs out to Burbage in Derbyshire and watch the sunrise.

It was FREEZING.  That much i remember vividly.  It was big coats and woolly hats weather but i could not find any gloves so my hands were like icicles, and i didn’t have walking boots like you did, so i wore my converse, and my toes were dropping off.

We parked and walked up high onto the rocks.  It was still dark.  We climbed high and waited.  This picture was the result.  I remember kissing you, our noses freezing.  Cairo (who is a German Shepherd) was crunching through sheets of ice trying to drink the puddles underneath.  We watched it as it rose in the sky and snapped pictures.  It was a thing of real beauty and the first time i had seen a sunrise look quite so glorious.

Eventually, driven by the cold back to the warmth of your car we drove home and ate crumpets, then took hot water bottles to bed to warm our frozen toes, and you held me tightly, cocooned in the duvet, the heat of your body seeping into my cold bones, your steady heartbeat under my ear.  I have never ever loved so hard or felt so loved in all my life.

I love you Carl.  Always.