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If you catch me crying

It will be because of him

For the love we shared

And because I’m scared

Of the future as it is 

If you catch me on a bad day

I can only apologise 

I carry on,

And appear to stay strong 

But my heart is full of ‘why’s’

If you catch me looking distant 

It’s perhaps because I am 

I’m back in the past 

Where my heart was last 

I hope you understand 

I know this all seems hard to hear

These things the eye can’t see, 

Just let me talk, and speak his name 

He’s still so present to me, 

If you catch me smiling 

It will be because of him, 

The memories are dear 

And though he isn’t here 

His love is still within 

I love you Carl. 

Always your girl

Caroline xx