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Dear Carl

It’s your birthday on the 22nd of June. You’ll be 50. I had plans. A party. A celebration of you. I love making the ones I love happy & I’d hoped hard that I could do that for you. 

However, all I can do is love you from here & hope you’re with your mum & Atos. And I wrote another poem for you. 

For your birthday ❤️ 

I want to celebrate, 

The day you were born, 

When you arrived on this earth 

In your perfect form, 

I imagine the joy, 

Your arrival brought home, 

And the happiness that followed,

As they watched you grow 

You lived life so fully 

In your own vibrant way 

The colours of you 

Richer every day, 

You lived for your loved ones,

Brought loud music to our ears, 

Worked hard, and so brave, 

So much achieved in your years 

Many thought you a hero, 

Bringing greatness to the cause, 

A role model, a true friend

A credit to the force, 

But the you on the inside 

Is the one I most treasure 

Your love & your laughter

The simple pleasures, 

In the span of a lifetime

Our love was still new, 

But it counted to me, 

I know it counted to you,

So I’ll raise a glass for your birthday,

And I’ll smile through these tears 

We had some wonderful days 

But just not enough years 

Still your girl. Always your girl. 

Caroline xxx