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The desperate search begins

to piece together the jigsaw, 

But I’m standing in a room,

And somebody keeps switching the lights off, 

I can’t find everything I need, 

There’s half a bottle of wine & spa receipts 

and you put them there, 

you touched them last, 

so you can’t be gone,

it can’t happen that fast…

The cards are held at arms length,

For if the tears hit the ink and the writing blurs, 

you’ll be gone,

and there’s nothing to prove where we came from, 

It’s all so important to keep, 

train tickets, place cards, memories, 

Building this picture of you & me

and the life we lived, 

that precious gift. 

The dream catcher hangs on display, 

The Valentine bear from a wonderful day, 

The photographs frozen in happiness, 

that doesn’t portray this horrible mess,

Of a life that’s been wasted, spoiled, broken, 

Can I shut my eyes tight and those words stay unspoken, 

He’s gone. 

And I’m putting together these pieces of us 

so I can hold them close & still feel the love,

Is he gone?

No…he’s here in these pictures & trinkets & words, 

that I’ll treasure for as long as I walk on this earth 

He stays here. 

In a heart that loves to the moon, stars & sun 

Because he was the future, he was the one, 

So don’t judge me, don’t pity me, don’t take them away, 

These trinkets are what’s left, to make him stay, 

with me.